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My Yoga and My Dissertation

Let me share my thoughts while performing my Yoga practice and thinking about my dissertation.

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These days, my hands are so full because of our school’s accreditation tasks, research projects, other research and extension-related involvements, and more.

But, my priorities will always boil down to my health and dissertation.

Yoga helps me a lot in calming myself as loads of daily tasks are constantly coming in. Aside from the fact that I am also working on my weight loss goals, yoga does more things to my body and my soul. Every time I perform a yoga pose, which, in most cases, I cannot perform properly, my thoughts are always redirected to my dissertation journey.

I always link my desperations of not knowing what to do next in my writing process to my frustrations on how un-flexible my body is to attain the right pose ^_^

It’s crazy.

I know, but at the end of every practice, I always find myself relaxed and inspired to write and read more about the research topic I am working on – ON HEALTH EQUITY across GIDAs ^_^

I hope that every time I SHOW UP for my practice and write and read everything related to my research topic, this little progress can lead me to my dream of embracing yoga for life and finishing my Doctor of Philosophy in Development Research Administration.

I share some shots during my 20-minute morning yoga with Sarah Beth Yoga.

How about you? How does yoga help you?

Just comment below to share your thoughts ^_^

5 responses to “My Yoga and My Dissertation”

    1. jevannel Avatar

      Thank you ^_^

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  2. Joelle LeGendre Avatar

    I understand the peace yoga gives to the soul. I love doing yoga first thing in the morning — it’s a great way to start out the day.

    1. jevannel Avatar

      Good for you. I enjoy yoga, too.

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