#PRODUCTIVITYTIPS: How I Customize My Taskbar To Help Me Be More Productive

I love customizing my things. The way I organized them is based on how often I use them. Accessibility is a great factor when it comes to productivity. That simply means that I do not rely on default settings.

In this post, I am going to share to you the FREE TOOLS I am using in my desktop and laptop that helped me every time I am preparing my lessons, doing my assignments and finishing my projects.

For those who do not know me yet, I am a teacher during weekdays (daytime) and I do writing jobs (usually night time). During weekends, I am a student. Thus, the tools I am using are relevant to the tasks I do whenever I sit down in front of my computer.

These are the items I regarded as MY COMPUTER ESSENTIALS:


WordWeb Audio Dictionary for Android - Free download and software reviews -  CNET Download.com

I guess, my relationship with Wordweb is longer than the longest relationship I had for seven years ^_^ I discovered this free dictionary when I had my first netbook in the year 2010.

What I like most about this software aside from being FREE is that it gives me just the things I need when I am reading and writing. I do not like to complicate definitions and this tool is just perfect to meet my needs. Indeed, it is my favorite.

It provides not just the definition of the words, but also the proper pronunciation.


Add Screen Snip To Taskbar in Windows 10

When I knew about this tool, screen clipping became an addiction. It is actually a built-in APP in any Windows Operating System. It helps me so much in preparing all my lessons, in having conversations wherein I need to show some clipped photos from my screen, and more. Explore it and you’ll understand my addiction.


Microsoft Notepad | Logopedia | Fandom

I use notepad every day, not to take down notes, but to delete all the pre-formats applied to texts I am editing. Yes, I’ll agree if you’ll say that SIMPLY NOTES is better than Notepad because of its packed features, but notepad is serving me more than SIMPLY NOTES.

I love its simplicity and that way it boosts more my productivity.


This one is still vital for me because I sometimes do computations for my business income and for my budgeting needs ^_^ Looking at it available on my taskbar just a click away somehow comforts me. Is that even normal? LOL!

Honestly, I am lost for words to write in explaining why I always have this icon on my taskbar, but I just can’t unpin it LOL!


Add or Remove File Explorer on Taskbar in Windows 10 | Tutorials

I hate folders on my desktop, unless it is a shortcut to all the important folders in my unit. That’s why I only have File Explorer on my taskbar. It somehow serves as a key for me to unlock all my files.

There you have it! These five are MY FAVORITES. They help me a lot in doing LOTS OF THINGS every single day!

How about you? What are your CUSTOMIZED TOOLS in your taskbar? Share it in the comment box below and let’s exchange ideas on what other tools we can use to be more productive.

Thank you for reading!

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