Day Two: The List of Reasons Why I Love CANVA PRO

Hi there! How are you? I hope everything is fine.

Despite all the trials the world is facing right now, let’s try to stay productive, whatever role we play in the society where we belong.

This post is part of the 30-day challenge of the writing prompts (check my Day 1 here) and today, I will be writing a LIST of REASONS why I love CANVA PRO.

When I decided to blog, I embraced also the challenge of posting beautiful photos in every post I make. Canva helped me a lot since the day I got the chance to know about it from a YouTube Tutorial.

I was using the free version then, but when our classes moved online, I got the Canva Pro account, to make the most of its features for my blogging and module-making tasks as a teacher.

Until now, I am reaping the fruits of that best decision I made.

Giving the credits to Suzi W Start a Mom Blog as she was the one who introduced Canva to me through her channel.

Canva Pro unlocks more of my creativity.

You can customize all your designs the way you want them. From size to fonts and styles, everything can be accessed. Since, most of the Canva Pro features are unlocked, it gives you unlimited access to great possibilities.

I can recall those days when I am always disappointed to click on elements that are exclusive only for premium accounts with all the watermarks on it. I have so much in my mind, yet the free account just won’t let me realize them.

Canva Pro automates almost everything.

When I clicked on an element, a font, a color, or anything, it provides magical suggestions that are helping me in enhancing my works.

It seems that I have a virtual mentor who is providing the best recommendations on what I should do next to improve my designs.

The great thing is that the suggestions are not complex. I had an impression that Canva follows a minimalist taste of design, which is appropriate and matches my taste.

Canva Pro inspires me to do MORE.

I usually use Canva Pro for Facebook Post, Blogging Feature Image, Certificate, PowerPoint Presentation, Resume, Card, Logo, Poster, Invitation and MORE MORE MORE.

It always inspires to create the next project.

No training course was taken for this journey. I just explored. I knew someone who paid for a course just to get training on learning all the features as he is using this for his VA tasks.

Canva Pro is amazing. It excites me a lot. I hope you are experiencing the same. I got my Canva Pro account from D’s Premium

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