Just A Random Entry

living alone for months now made me realize how brave i am to face this fear🌻i am so proud of myself 🎉 though, i cannot deny those many times that i almost lose the grip of my sanity, especially late nights when i cannot sleep, when i realize that i only have my small space to enjoy and yet i am claustrophobic.

thanks to my books, my notebooks, pens, my phone and Netflix 🤣 and the people who check on me 🌷

it’s almost 2024 and I have lots of things to accomplish! 💫 i can do this 💪

2 responses to “Just A Random Entry”

  1. Ivor Steven Avatar

    Living alone is a challenge
    Life is full of challenges
    Don’t let the world bring you down
    Life’s hurdles are there to be challenged
    The trees of life have many branches
    Choose your strongest branch
    Attach a lullaby swing
    And enjoy all the highs
    And flow with the lows
    Of the swing’s enchanting arc

    1. jevannel Avatar

      Thank you, Ivor 🌻

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