Because I Chose This Path

Every time I realize that I am doing things not other people are doing, I always remind myself that this is a decision I made for myself. Nobody obliged me to enroll in PhD. I can always say No to clients. I can always choose not to care about other people.

I have the freedom to spend my hard-earned money on nonsense things and ABOVE ALL, nobody told me that I should start waking up 5am every single day! LOL!

Yes, I am punishing myself. I am so SOAKED and BROKE hahaha! Not totally broke, but yes, I am so SOAKED with hundreds of tasks every single day, but I like it this way than just staring at nowhere and waiting for anyone to notice how boring my life is hahaha!

Actually, it is still boring, but this time I am learning how to deal with boredom, without losing so much my sanity 🤣

Honestly, I am just bored now. Hahaha I woke up 5am and checked the tasks I needed to accomplish today. There’s a major one and many minor ones in prep for tomorrow’s start of the week. I cannot start it yet because I am not in my place. I am at my friend’s dormitory and not very comfortable to work on my tasks when I am not in my working station.

But, hey! Let me share with you an output last night. LOL!

Power Girls 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

So, yeah! I will posting again later because this was supposed to be yesterday’s post. Hahaha!

Stay safe y’all!

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