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There’s Always Something to Look Forward To – A Reflection

I always want to make this blog a professional blog. Topics should be well-organized, well-planned — but, here I am writing another random post. This blog became my breather and I do not see a big deal about that. Actually I am, but I cannot help it. Many things are happening around and I just want to let it out.

It is almost half of the year and I am still not getting any progress in my body goals. And that frustrates me so much. I have gone so tired of waking up just to get tired again. HAHAHA! Funny, but frustrating!

Just me, a trying hard yogi ^_^

With high cases of COVID-19 in our place, honestly, I am negatively affected by it. I always worry about my family, my friends, and myself. I cannot concentrate. I get easily irritated by petty things. Although I am always trying to push the negative thinkings, life has its way of guiding these negative thoughts in my mind. I hate it and I want to fight it.

I have so many plans. So many that I already lost count of it. I wanted to keep my hands and my mind so busy so that I can forget all the stressors around me and I am dealing with all my discomforts, my fears, the tasks I hate doing, the people I hate talking to, because there are no other routes laid for me this time, just a bumpy, muddy, and crooked ones.

I am not sure if the content of this post aligns to its title because as I have re-read it all, I was just bursting it all out. But yeah, despite all these things that I am writing about at this moment, despite all the hate and irritabilities I am trying to handle right now HAHAHA, I know there is always something to look forward to. Maybe, tomorrow, my day will be better. I will try to be more productive tomorrow.

I am going to work tomorrow. I hope God will protect me from any exposure to the virus because I want to go home to my parents this weekend. I guess that’s all for tonight.


8 responses to “There’s Always Something to Look Forward To – A Reflection”

  1. ashok Avatar

    Good to meet the Trying Hard Yogi πŸ˜…

    Yes, negative environment does affect us all and it is really potent. But we still need to keep working on ourselves! If we don’t take care of ourselves who would!

    I think I should write about Yoga as the IYD is just a few days away. It is more about our souls and much less about our bodies – though looking after our bodies is important!

    You know our diet (lifestyle) plays equally important role in our lives – for body too 😊
    I encourage you to read my old post – I Am a Happy Fruitarian!
    I shall be happy to be of any help I can give for you to achieve your goals!!

    Our thoughts create our reality.

    All the best.

    Stay happy. Stay healthy πŸ˜ŠπŸ€—

    1. jevannel Avatar

      You know what, I am so happy with this comment you left in my post. I will be following your blog so that I can be more inspired in this lifestyle I wish to achieve. I hope to connect with you.

      Thank you very much for noticing me.

      1. ashok Avatar

        That is so sweet of you. Thank you so much. If you need any more details you are welcome to email me – ashokwahi2@gmail.com

  2. Shristy Singh Avatar

    Beautiful blog ❀️
    Do visit to my blog, hope you like it.

    1. jevannel Avatar

      Thank you. Already visited yours.

      1. Shristy Singh Avatar

        Your welcome!! Please check again, I think you have not visited to my blog. I have checked the followers list.

        1. jevannel Avatar

          Done. I just visited it, but did not follow it yet a while ago, but now following it.

          1. Shristy Singh Avatar

            Thank You. Thank You Soo Much For Visiting And Following.

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