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I always want to make this blog a professional blog. Topics should be well-organized, well-planned — but, here I am writing another random post. This blog became my breather and I do not see a big deal about that. Actually I am, but I cannot help it. Many things are happening around and I just want to let it out.

It is almost half of the year and I am still not getting any progress in my body goals. And that frustrates me so much. I have gone so tired of waking up just to get tired again. HAHAHA! Funny, but frustrating!

Just me, a trying hard yogi ^_^

With high cases of COVID-19 in our place, honestly, I am negatively affected by it. I always worry about my family, my friends, and myself. I cannot concentrate. I get easily irritated by petty things. Although I am always trying to push the negative thinkings, life has its way of guiding these negative thoughts in my mind. I hate it and I want to fight it.

I have so many plans. So many that I already lost count of it. I wanted to keep my hands and my mind so busy so that I can forget all the stressors around me and I am dealing with all my discomforts, my fears, the tasks I hate doing, the people I hate talking to, because there are no other routes laid for me this time, just a bumpy, muddy, and crooked ones.

I am not sure if the content of this post aligns to its title because as I have re-read it all, I was just bursting it all out. But yeah, despite all these things that I am writing about at this moment, despite all the hate and irritabilities I am trying to handle right now HAHAHA, I know there is always something to look forward to. Maybe, tomorrow, my day will be better. I will try to be more productive tomorrow.

I am going to work tomorrow. I hope God will protect me from any exposure to the virus because I want to go home to my parents this weekend. I guess that’s all for tonight.


8 thoughts on “There’s Always Something to Look Forward To – A Reflection”
  1. Good to meet the Trying Hard Yogi 😅

    Yes, negative environment does affect us all and it is really potent. But we still need to keep working on ourselves! If we don’t take care of ourselves who would!

    I think I should write about Yoga as the IYD is just a few days away. It is more about our souls and much less about our bodies – though looking after our bodies is important!

    You know our diet (lifestyle) plays equally important role in our lives – for body too 😊
    I encourage you to read my old post – I Am a Happy Fruitarian!
    I shall be happy to be of any help I can give for you to achieve your goals!!

    Our thoughts create our reality.

    All the best.

    Stay happy. Stay healthy 😊🤗

    1. You know what, I am so happy with this comment you left in my post. I will be following your blog so that I can be more inspired in this lifestyle I wish to achieve. I hope to connect with you.

      Thank you very much for noticing me.

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