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Quote about Purpose

You Have A Purpose – #InstaGRAB

My voice is hidden in these words. It is creeping through each letter, trying to make a sound, echoing my true feelings, pouring in my emotions. It has been a bad day–not totally, but I am truly affected by some of the unpleasant happenings. Conflicts do happen. I hate it. I really do, but these […]

My Blog Stopped Running Google AdSense Ads

It is very disheartening that I did not receive yet the 6-digit verification pin sent via snail mail by Google AdSense, which stopped all my Ads from this site 🙁 I do not know what else to do because the post office is not giving any feedback to me about this mail. I hope this […]

Why Having Your Own Workspace At Home Is Important?

Now that almost everything is done online, if you are a teacher, a student, a virtual assistant, a freelance writer, a photo and or videographer, it is vital to have your own workspace at home. Certainly, for teachers like me, we have our own office or a cubicle, or a table perhaps which we can […]

two yellow flowers surrounded by rocks

Not Stressed, but Beyond Blessed

I always thank You Dear God for the gift of life, the gift of family and wonderful friends. I am always grateful for my job, for my dreams and for my goals just waiting to be realized. My life has been very busy these past few months, starting July or should I say since December […]


JevannelAcademy.Com is up for another year! I am just so happy because I was able to renew my domain name. In my blogging career, this is my first time to renew my domain name. I have bought more than 10 domains already since 2010, but this is the first time that I was able to […]

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