Vaffy Merch (Aesthetic Bags with Hugot Bisaya Quotes) – The First Release

I am so excited for these goodies. I still can’t believe that I am making this all possible.

Vaffy Facebook Page is almost a year old now and since the day of its conception, I did not expect that I’ll go this far, creating these BISAYA QUOTES and print them on these AESTHETIC KATSA BAGS.

It comes with four (4) designs. Here are the details of my advertisement:

🧡PADAYON (hantud kaya pa!)
🧡PWEDE (pero depende)
🧡PUHON (basin diay)
🧡(sana ol) PALANGGA

🌿14×16 CANVAS (Perfect for LAPTOPS)

✅High quality materials
✅High quality print
🚛We ship Nationwide!!

I cannot focus yet on my marketing schemes because of some other important concerns at work and my PhD journey.

I am just posting this to share this sweet achievement I have achieved for myself. I still have other plans for VAFFY.

I am going to invest in stationery business, bringing its name. I hope to realize that someday 🙏🏻

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