#GREATGOOGLE: Helpful Google Chrome Extensions When Using Google Meet in Your Virtual Classes

In my previous posts, I featured #GreatGoogle products like Google Classroom to manage my online classes. Here is another platform that you should try.

It’s free. It’s easy to use. It’s GOOGLE MEET.

I hope you have read the GOOD NEWS that they have EXTENDED the FREE use of their platform for 24 hours per day until March 2021.

In this post, I will feature two of the Google Chrome Extensions that help me manage my virtual classes every time I schedule synchronous classes.

Google Meet Auto Admit

Instead of manually admitting your students to your virtual class, install and activate this extension, and it will help you save time.

You will also not be distracted if a student comes in because the software will automatically admit them.

This is very helpful, especially handling students with intermittent status in their Internet Connection. Most of the time, they are disconnected and then ask for permission to be admitted whenever they are changing devices.

With this extension, it will be no hassle at all, no distractions; thus, you can focus on whatever you have prepared for the virtual session.

Google Meet Attendance

I have sessions that I manually record their attendance through screenshots. That was a hassle. Now that I knew about this Google Chrome Extension, it made all things easy and convenient for me.

Activating this extension gives you the feature to record students’ names who attended, when they arrived, and how long they stayed with all of the information displayed in a tidy HTML report.

If they logged out and then logged in, that will still be recorded. And yes, the great thing is in generating a report upon ending the meeting, a .csv sheet is automatically downloaded to the DOWNLOADS directory of your unit.  

So easy. So fast. So helpful.

Thank you, #GREATGOOGLE, for all this help.

Download those Google Chrome Extensions NOW! Thanks to Sir Ernel for introducing to me these Google Chrome Extensions for Google Meet.

Share also in the comment box below the other Google Chrome Extensions you are using in managing your classes. Teachers help teachers, right?

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