How to Organize Your Shoes by Spending 25 Pesos only!!!

Living in a small room has been very challenging for me. You can see everything by simply opening one door. Of course, there’s another one for my toilet, but yes, once you open DOOR 2, you get to see my bed, my kitchen, my workstation and all. Everything is in there.

But, my place has its small space outside where I usually leave my shoes, sandals and slippers and if you’ll come to visit me one day, you’ll witness a chaotic world upon entering a more catastrophic planet HAHAHA

Featuring my bike here! But, look at those shoes and sandals scattered all over ^_^

Another challenging thing I always face every single day is organizing my things. By the way, I am living with my best friend Faiding and so we share the same struggle.

Now, I have discovered something from a SHOPEE DEAL, which I want to feature in this post. With so many products you can get from Shopee, it is difficult to narrow down the best options. I discovered that you can organize your shoes neatly by spending 25 pesos only!

So, here is what I did, I ordered mine from this Shopee Store and got 15 pieces of it. I had no troubles with assembling them because it was easy for me even doing it alone.

Whoever had the idea of making these items, he/she or they are very brilliant! Stacking these shoe boxes is very simple and sturdy at the same time because these have small projections on each corner where you can connect the boxes as one. I will definitely buy more.

As you can see in the picture, I still have shoes and sandals with no house ^_^ I will reorder to complete this project. I only spent PHP 484 for the 15 pieces plus the shipping fee. It’s already a great deal because the output is very neat and sturdy! Highly recommendable!

You should get yours. You can visit their SHOPEE STORE here.

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