Project Poetry – Entry 1

Writing for me is an addiction. I love to write. I love words.

I don’t write perfectly. I am far from achieving that level, but my love for writing is just so perfect that I can’t stop myself from doing it every day.

Here is a piece I would like to share with you my dear readers.

I was writing these when my heart was broken. I have posted this one in my Instagram account and while browsing my previous posts, I decided to bring these words to my blog, since I have a special space for POETRY and PROSE.

My thoughts while writing this,

… there are these people we meet in our lives who are not meant to stay, even if they wanted to. They are like those waves who kiss us to say hi and then comes a point in time that they kiss us again to say goodbye.

We are like these shores who always wait for these people to come and no matter how we wanted to stop the waves from being dragged back to the vast waters, all we can do is WAIT,

for the coming of that kiss we longed to feel again,

but not from the same wave.


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