My Savings Did Save Me ^_^ Coins Edition

Philippine Coins

I just want to share an experience I had last week when I had troubles in withdrawing my cash from ATMs here in Panabo City. It lasted for a week and I was so thankful that my coin savings were able to sustain my expenses ^_^

I started saving 1-peso, 5-peso and 10-peso coins in 2019 when I got a job here in the city. Since I am staying in a boarding house, I am the one spending for everything every single day, unlike when I was staying at home, in the province with my parents. Every peso counts for me that is why I started saving them in a container, one for each coin value.

Philippine Coins

Last 2021, I was able to save 460 pesos with it. Yes, it is not that much, but last week, it was a life-saver for me hahaha! Since I am always going to school even with WFH schedules because of the demands of my job, I need to spend for my fare and meals. Luckily, last week, my lunches and snacks were saved by a one-week activity at school with meal sponsorships (Yey! So blessed).

But the fare was not exempted. With the 45 – 60 pesos per day fare, my savings were able to SAVE me for a week. Indeed, it was a blessing because I was not able to borrow money from my siblings and workmates. I am just so proud of myself hahaha


In a bigger picture, savings can really SAVE us in times of great financial need. That is the reason why I am also working on my emergency funds. Though I still spoil myself with things and foods I want to have, I always make sure that I am SAVING chucks of my income for my future.

I always feel responsible whenever there are emergency expenses that I can offer some help, especially in family-related expenses. Not to mention, but yeah, I am single and I am 33, thus, I don’t have much reasons not to save though my salary is still 5 figures…

This post is actually brought to you by how proud I am of becoming more responsible about my finances. I hope I can maintain ahahahaha and I’ll work harder to SAVE MORE!


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