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How to Get A Discounted Price for RedDoorz Hotel

The last time I booked my hotel was when I arrived from Thailand. That was June 2018. Imagine the gap in time. This is the reason why I am no longer comfortable booking hotels until I need to do it for my proposal defense, which took place in USEP-Mintal.

Living in Panabo and studying at USEP-Mintal is not a friendly setup. I always say that the travel time and mode (commuter) will discourage me from continuing this journey, not the Acad Requirements nor the Dissertation Process.

But I know it is part of the package of trying to earn this degree. When my proposal defense schedule was set, I did not hesitate to look for a place to stay near the school so I could rest well a day before the proposal.

Back to getting this discount price for the RedDoorz Hotel, it was a funny experience. I did not intend to get a discount; it was just that I was able to use a strategy that led me to get a discount, hahaha!

I was not aware of RedDoorz, then. It confused me that when I searched for a hotel near USEP-Mintal, RedDoorz appeared, and their hotels were scattered everywhere in Davao City.

This is their official website:

It confused me to read RedDoorz’s Facebook Pages because they were labeled with their agent’s names. Maybe it was affiliate marketing. When I stumbled on one page, the admin was not very active, so I looked for another one. The first page offered the lowest price of 900 pesos, good for two (2) pax. I was with my classmate, and so that price was already good for us.

When this second page’s admin replied, he provided information about the place that was linked to RedDoorz and informed me that reservations could be made online. It was very convenient.

When he asked me to pick a room, I asked for a Single Room and Twin Bed Room prices, and this was the reply:

When I received this, I just told him that the other page says it’s just 900. He said that maybe that agent used another platform. I decided to get this deal, but I noticed that the dates were December 16-17; I asked if it would be the same price if the booking were earlier than those dates.

I planned to go there on December 15. I was expecting a higher rate or at least the same rate, but he gave me another deal:

Well, I did not react anymore to this deal. I hurriedly reserved the twin bedroom for us. I understand that these agents are trying to earn some money from these affiliate marketing schemes, and I am also a student who wants to get discounts ^_^

The next time you’ll travel, maybe you can use this strategy ^_^

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