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This is not a paid post. I am just sharing a Mobile App that helps me monitor my monthly period and helps me also monitor my overall health. Just a disclaimer, I do not have the premium account, but what they are offering in FREE version are already helpful enough.

I do recommend that ALL GIRLS should download this APPLICATION.

Honestly, I am not fond of monitoring my period. I always describe myself as having a REGULAR one. I only experienced irregular periods when I was about to graduate in college, when I was about to graduate earning my master’s degree, and now I am about to earn my PhD (Oh GOD, please help me). But, you know, while writing this post and recalling those times, it made me reflect that maybe irregularities in my period is an ‘ALMOST GRADUATION” thing.

But it implies that I do always deal with so much stress when gradation’s coming. It’s true that once stressed, it is normal to have irregular periods, but even if that is normal, it may also mean that your body is suffering from an unhealthy condition.

With my busy tasks at work and the ongoing writing of my dissertation, I always forget to check and monitor my health. I only notice that I have overworked already if I can already feel pain on my back and neck for too much working with my laptop.

With FLO, I am notified that my PERIOD is coming, and it also let me log my feelings of discomforts while waiting for my period to arrive. It provides enough explanations on why I am feeling this and that, but of course, the information is limited, since I don’t have the premium account.

But again, it’s already very helpful. It makes me understand my body, my health, my attitude, myself as a woman. LOL!

I always feel so happy and at peace whenever my period starts as how FLO predicts it.

It somehow sends me a message that I am doing fine. That’s very important to me because I cannot always maintain a healthy lifestyle due to my responsibilities and other tasks.

Whenever my period is late, FLO reminds me to pause for a mind and not be hard on myself in working too much because I only have one body and I need to take care of it so I can take care of my parents also and my family and friends ^_^

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