It isn’t easy to wake up each day with so many negativities happening around. Everything is uncertain. Everywhere, there is suffering.

Still, we open our eyes because we wanted to see. We continue breathing because there is this life worth fighting for.

Still, we smile because there is always this reason we can feel in our hearts.

And we start to see the beauty in everything.

My Personal Experience

With the outbreak of this pandemic, I was caught in the middle of so many uncertainties. I am living away from my family, and with the lockdown guidelines, I needed to go home to our province.

My things were all mess with paper works left in the office. The college where I worked instructed us to do online teaching, which was new, especially that it was a full online setup of delivering instruction.

Everyone were adjusting.

Included also in my dilemma at that time was my Ph.D. schooling, wherein everything was moved online.

Therefore, I was teaching and learning both online.

It was difficult and it is, until now.

However, despite all the happenings around, the almost two months stay in our home with my family was the best blessing I received during the pandemic.

It gave me more time to have ‘Chika’ time with my Papa and Mama and playtime with my nephews Alexa and Thia.

I was able to celebrate important occasions with my family. I was able to MAKE TIME.

Also, I could do some things, which I just prayed before to do if I’ll have my free time, which I thought would never come. With the general guideline to STAY HOME, I was able to do gardening and room decorating. Not very much achievement, but it felt like I had my vacation.

On the other hand, my work contract ended last May, and I am now officially unemployed. The good thing is that it gives me now enough time to do BLOGGING and study more about RESEARCH.

COVID-19 outbreak gave me the reason to focus on self-care and bond with my family and friends.

This is my best friend Faidah and me when we had our jogging time and just stopped by to take this picture. Thank you, Sir Nolie, for capturing this!

I will never be thankful for this pandemic, but I do not want to focus on the negative things it’s bringing to my world. That is why I keep this positive outlook in life.

Tomorrows are not promised, yet we set the alarm to welcome a brand new day. That is hope.

There will always be beauty in everything. There will always be something to look forward to. There will always be reasons to fight.

Final Note

Even a plain blank paper has a beauty in it. It’s empty, yet it gives you all the opportunities to be creative.

Rainbows only appear when there is rain.

A plant only grows when it breaks into the outer world and spread its roots and leaves.

Even weeds can grow in grounds where they are not sown.

Life always gives us troubles, worries, and anxieties, yet part of the package is strength, wisdom, and love.

Let’s try to reflect on whatever is happening around us and focus on helping ourselves not to be drowned by negative thinkings.

We can do this. We’ll get over this soon. 💙🤍

4 thoughts on “See the Beauty in Everything – A Blog Post Challenge”
  1. Well written thoughts. I am blessed that I am living with my family right now and my parents are also safe in their homes. Praying for this pandemic to end soon….

  2. Amen!!! I just posted something similar on Sunday to see the Beauty in the world even though there is so much ugliness happening around us!!! Keep pushing forward!!!

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