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Daily Journal Entry – from The Daily Bread #journalwithme

The passage of time may dull the ache, but it will not take away the pain completely. This is a line from The Daily Bread mini-book today. The author shares his aches of losing his child from a car accident. This line caught my attention because I can relate to it. Losing people in life, […]


Waking Up With A Heavy Heart

‘Should I dwell on it?…’ This was the question that was playing in mind as I woke up this morning with a heavy heart. With so many tasks that burned me out, I lost the appetite to go to work. As a pushed myself up from bed, I decided to refocus my mind to things […]

LOVE HARD Movie made me reflect

I watched the movie because Ma’am Samsel recommended it to me, but the very plus factor is it’s NINA DOBREV, my ultimate girl crush. It was supposed to be a romantic comedy, but it sent a deep message that made me reflect tonight. Honestly, I have not finished yet the movie because I got distracted […]

On Reading Comprehension

While searching for a video on tips on HOW TO READ FAST, I stumbled into one of the videos of Thomas Frank. I searched for these tips because every night, I am lulling myself to sleep by reading and no matter how hard I try to finish reading a book or even a chapter a […]

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Not Stressed, but Beyond Blessed

I always thank You Dear God for the gift of life, the gift of family and wonderful friends. I am always grateful for my job, for my dreams and for my goals just waiting to be realized. My life has been very busy these past few months, starting July or should I say since December […]

Because I Chose This Path

Every time I realize that I am doing things not other people are doing, I always remind myself that this is a decision I made for myself. Nobody obliged me to enroll in PhD. I can always say No to clients. I can always choose not to care about other people. I have the freedom […]

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