On Reading Comprehension

While searching for a video on tips on HOW TO READ FAST, I stumbled into one of the videos of Thomas Frank. I searched for these tips because every night, I am lulling myself to sleep by reading and no matter how hard I try to finish reading a book or even a chapter a night, it seems impossible for me to realize it.

Here comes this great vlogger I found on YouTube who have laid some of his tips on how to read fast, but it is not the tips that caught my attention, it is on the last important points he emphasized at the end of the video when he said that we should NOT be too concerned about how many books we can read a day or a week, nor the ideas and concepts we got from our readings, but on those insights we got from those materials we read which we can apply to our practice or in general, our daily lives.

And he shared this quote (image above) from Scott Berkun, which is an eye-opener for me.

I always challenge myself to read every day and I always feel disappointed of myself if I cannot reach my reading goals, but little did I notice that those bits of readings I do are actually my fuel in constructing my reports, my lecture inputs to my class, and it all contributed to how I think, how I talk, how I make decisions, and generally, I create my own perspectives in life.

Maybe one of the reasons I cannot achieve my reading goals is that the goal is not something very necessary to be achieved. It’s just like saying about reaching a destination when it is actually the journey that matters most.

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