… Maybe, it was not love after all

photography of fall trees

I travelled in a plain, safe, and peaceful road,

and then you came out of nowhere

calling me by my name, surprisingly

getting all my attention, those moves you dare.

You were so clamant, that I finally glanced

talking about love and positivity abounds

you were a stranger to me, how can that be

you already wanted a life together,

I don’t know you and you even hardly knew me.

Yet, your words were so captivating,

you know how to use them to make me believe

that there is a possibility between us

beyond distance, beyond different worlds,

beyond truth that I thought exist.

I decline the offer of love for it frightened me

how can something grow that I do not see?

it was not supposed to be a point that ends the hope

but rather ellipsis I longed to be the start of the loop.

Yet you distant yourself as if it was my fault

it was you who asked if you could walk with me in this road,

how stupid was I to stumble in this hole?

you gave up so easily, maybe it was not love after all.


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