No matter how busy we are, there will always be some extra time to do some part-time jobs for teachers that can surely help us make some money.

Teachers are brilliant individuals. Gifted with wit and wisdom, we are capable to do a lot of things. Nobody can argue with that. The jobs we do every day involve one great responsibility – shaping one’s future.

Moreover, like any other professionals, there are more opportunities waiting for educators outside the comfort zone of teaching.

This article is all about the other productive kinds of stuff that teachers can do during time off from work.

Here is a list of best side hustles and other teaching-related jobs for you.

1. Tutor

You are already trained to do this. All you have to do is to learn how to market yourself. This is extending your teaching job for specific learners. You can even recycle your instructional materials to save time and money.

The first step is to find a place where you can invite your learners for the tutorial sessions. You can also apply to tutorial centers and offer your services.

The second step is to announce to your local community that you are offering tutorial services. Be specific on this part. Some parents are particular about which tutor they will hire. This depends on the subject they want their kids to have advanced learning. The best thing about being a tutor is that you can set your own rates.

By learning how to market your teaching talents and skills to the parents of your target learners, this sideline job can make you some good money.

2. Tour Guide

You are surely capable to do this. Instead of talking and guiding the young learners, you can make some extra cash by providing adult travelers with necessary travel information.

The bonus to this gig is that it makes you travel to some of your dream destinations while making money on the side. If you opt to be a tour guide in your own local tourist spots, this part-time job can help you exercise a bit and see the beauty around your own locality.

Contact a local tour company to help you get started.

3. Freelance Writer

This is your time off from work, but in case you still want to earn some money, freelance writing is a good choice for a part-time job.

blogging for money

In this kind of work, there is no need for you to go out and be a walk-in applicant. You can always find employers everywhere via online job postings of those who are looking for quality writers. Even with just your pajamas, you can make a legit income from home doing some writing tasks.

You should know that being a teacher is an advantage because writing teachers are the best picks.

4. Online Teacher

Being an online teacher is different from what you usually do. It offers you more challenges and at the same time opportunities to improve. There are also many types of online teachers. You can do live teaching via online platforms.

You should know that Asian parents are looking for English teachers to teach English to their kids. Whether you are a native English speaker or you sound like one, this part-time job is for you.

On the other hand, selling your own craftedonline course is also a good option. By opting to do this online teaching strategy, you can showcase your abilities in writing and earn money from it. In making these online courses, you can utilize some basic teaching applications. There are also paid software tools that can enhance more your output.

This demands time and serious commitment to organize and market your online course, yet with enough dedication, this choice of part-time job can be a great source of passive income.

5. Online Seller

E-commerce is a trend. You can create your own products to sell or be a reseller of other’s merchandise. Since you are more acquainted with school supplies, you may opt to sell planners for teachers.

Planners are a great choice to sell during vacation periods. You can help teachers plan well their upcoming classes for the next academic year.

Part-time Jobs for Teachers

You have no limits in choosing a product category. Try browsing more items from any online store. Contact the owner and ask for a reseller package.

You might be required to spend your own money as capital, but reselling business can give you high profits. You just need to identify the products to offer to your target customers, which you think will be saleable and start earning from every purchase.

Final Note

All of these options can be done during the summer season, even during your day off like weekends and break time every day. You just need to practice time management in order to accommodate some tasks, even with your full-time teaching job.

Many teachers are sometimes drowned by their thoughts that part-time jobs can no longer fit their schedule. However, those who have tried have learned the art of discipline and improved their abilities to deliver work.

The world today offers thousands of opportunities to learn and earn. Therefore, you can always make use of your free time to be productive.

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