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Good memory gives you clarity of your purpose in doing things and undeniably, clarity in our thoughts boosts our moods and makes us capable to achieve self-fulfillment.

Boosting your brainpower is a vital goal to achieve. This applies not just to those individuals who are in the academe but in all people who would like to invest time and effort in self-improvement techniques. 

Whether you are a teacher who does not want to miss a single detail about the topic you are discussing with your learners, or a student who wants to make a good impression and get higher grades in the exams, or someone who just wishes to keep your brain healthy, here are some tips you can consider applying to yourself to stay mentally sharp.


It is impossible for older people to learn new things.

Scientists proved this rumor wrong with a series of studies conducted. Our brain’s ability to create neural pathways does not end at a certain point in one’s life.

With proper stimulation, the brain can still change the existing connections, which enable a person of any age to learn and adapt to new knowledge and create new habits.

With that stated, experts are recommending everyone to invest time and effort in nurturing the brain unending potentials, to live a healthy and productive life. Here are tips on how you should take your first steps in improving your memory.

Exercise your brain.

You do not need to sweat out the same as your body performs tedious exercises. As a person grows and acquires knowledge about certain things, neural pathways are built, and with practice and familiarity, recalling information can be done quickly.

brain power

However, when you exercise your brain, this means that you will stimulate it by creating new pathways, which may be challenging at first.

Once the habit is established, these pathways create a domino effect in boosting your brainpower, making you smarter and more capable than before.

Exercise your body.

Brain-boosting through memory improvement is not just about solving puzzles or learning new skills, it is also about maintaining physical exercise, for the benefit of your body, including your center core, which is your brain.

You can never have a healthy brain without having a healthy body, which will carry out all its commands.

brain power with exercise

Some people have a different way of dealing with stress. They have this thought in mind that since stress is making them sick, going to the gym may just make their health condition worse.

They might be right if the health status is already critical, but if it is just plain stress that is causing them not to feel okay, then exercising can surely help.

As you perform workout routines, your brain will be stimulated again, thus, physical exercises can improve your brain’s performance.

Exercise good relationships.

One of the culprits of stress is bad relationships. The stress may be triggered by the bad relationship you have with your boss, your colleagues, friends, and the worst is with your family.

A good brain booster is a happy hormone and one of the ways for you to stimulate the production of it is by maintaining a good relationship with everyone around you.

Conflicts may arise, but interacting with others in a positive way is tagged to be one of the best brain exercises. Your emotional health is vital to keep your brain healthy.

Memories are the records of your life. With your brain to recall those past events and important details you never wish to forget, your brainpower could contribute to the wholeness of your capabilities as a person.

Therefore, exercising your brain, your body, and good relationships are your keys to a better life and a better you.

how to improve your brain power

Final Note

As stated, you can always boost your brain power at any age and whatever circumstance you are dealing with now. Invest in yourself because nobody will do it for you.

An improved brain’s ability makes you a more empowered, capable, competitive, and productive member of your society.

Do not settle with those worn-out routines and old, especially bad habits. Your brain makes up who you are.

Challenge yourself.

Achieve your best version.

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