JevannelAcademy.Com is up for another year!

I am just so happy because I was able to renew my domain name. In my blogging career, this is my first time to renew my domain name. I have bought more than 10 domains already since 2010, but this is the first time that I was able to push through another year of my blogging journey.

The purpose of this blog was to earn money because I came to a point that I became very desperate to let myself believe that there is money in blogging. Later on, while building contents for this blog, I realized that this is not about making money anymore, but sharing my words and my world to my reader’s world.

Jevannel Academy is a school of life. I talk about many things in this virtual breather, which I hoped to be a source also of my readers to learn things that I share. I love writing so much and having this space I can call my own is already worth every penny I spent renewing my domain. I am still going to renew my hosting next month.


This blog is not perfect, the contents were random, apparently, not planned very well, but this is my sole space where I can express myself, share my thoughts and even my expertise in my chosen field. This is where I share my imperfect, but beautiful life.

Thank you all for sharing this journey with me! Cheers to more years for my blog and yours!

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