Be OK About Not Being OK

quote about self-love

When everything is dark, just close your eyes. Give into the darkness, but take hold of your last hope. Even just a glimpse of it. Nothing lasts forever. The light will find you. Love knows where to FIND YOU.

So, it’s okay. To be sad. To cry. To spend the rest of a bad day. To curse. To hate. To not forgive, yet. Because sometimes, the world will give you all the reasons to give up life, but LIFE itself is already a reason to HOLD ON.

As you close your eyes, feeling all the pain, think of a tap on your shoulder. A smile that is waiting for your glance. A warm arm that longs to embrace you tight. Do not forget that.

quote about self-love

Sadness is a special part of life. You should face it, say ‘hi’ to say ‘goodbye’. You cannot be truly happy if you did not know how it feels to be sad. Whatever that is weighing you down, it is making you stronger. To push you higher wherever you are right now. So, stay calm.

In this journey of life, we are all sailing in a troubled sea. Sometimes it is serene, peaceful and quiet. And there are times that waves are not so-friendly. As the wind blows heavily, remain calm. Even the largest earth trembles when an unexpected quake happens.

But, it doesn’t last forever. Remain calm. It’s okay not to be happy all the time.


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